Clearmount ZigZag Picture Hangers


Our presssure sensitive, heavy duty ZigZag Hangers are self leveling and multipurpose.
They are made with an extremely aggressive adhesive and a heavy plastic for strength and durability.

You would be surprised at what has been "hanging around" with our ZigZags!!! 
When people talk about "that plastic hanger that never lets go!" they're talking about our Clearmount ZigZag.

The hangers measure 1 7/8" x 2 1/2" and are sold in bags of 100. For large quantities we also offer special bulk pricing.
Depending on the surface they are applied to - will hold up to 2#

Please call us to order  1-800-827-2388

 ZigZag Hangers are sold in bags of 100.

1 Bag (100 ZigZag Hangers):       $ 19.00 (Plus S+H)

5 Bags (500 ZigZag Hangers):     $ 90.00 (Plus S+H)

10 Bags (1000 ZigZag Hangers): $175.00 (Plus S+H)


Your order will be shipped within 2 days by UPS Ground (Massachusetts residents will be charged applicable sales tax.)

They're still holding when others fail!!!
Call  800-827-2388 or fax  508-399-7240 email for more information