Miter Saw Systems and Scales

Our Miter Saw Systems and Scales reflect our commitment to superior quality.

·Our scales are silk screened on the aluminum and guaranteed not to wear off.

·The custom extruded aluminum base assures you of true and accurate miters.

· Eliminate Chip Out on the back of your moulding
The scale is shipped preassembled. It takes no time to set up.

·Our scales are compatible with most 10" and 12" miter saws, including compound and sliding compound.

Our scales are available separately to mount to your own saw, or you can purchase a complete system which includes the Clearmount   
  Miter Saw Scale, a Makita LS1040 10" Miter Saw and your choice of one of our carbide tipped blades.

The scales/systems are available as:

Model #


                                                                                                               Measuring  Scales Only
SW6-1   6' Measuring Scale - One side only  Measure 41" one side only ( specify Left or Right)
SW7   7' Measuring Scale - Measure 41" on each side of saw
SW7-1   7' Measuring Scale - Measure 64" one side only (specify Left or Right)
SW11  11' Measuring Scale - Measure 64" on each side of saw

 11' Double Miter Saw Scale - Accomodates 2 saws - Measure to 64" on the right

Scales w/ Miter Saws and Carbide Tipped Blades

  6' Complete System - SW6-1 Scale w/Makita 10" Saw & Blade


  7' Complete System - SW7 Scale w/Makita 10" Saw & Blade


  7' Complete System - SW7-1 Scale w/ Makita 10" Saw & Blade


 11' Complete System - SW11 Scale w/ Makita 10" Saw & Blade


 11' Complete Double Miter Saw System - SW11-2 Scale w/ 2 Makita 10" Saws and 2 Blades


 Let us customize a scale to meet your needs - Contact us with your space or budget requirements

Especially for picture framers - We offer an extensive line of High Quality Carbide Tipped Saw Blades.                              

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